A Guy's Guide: Buying Aluminum-Free Deodorant for Men

best deodorant for men best aluminum free deodorant for men

Yes, you care about your skin and what you put on it. But you also care that you don’t arrive at the office like a big, sweaty ape, with a stench that can be picked up by fellow primates six cubicles away. And you definitely don’t want to check in for dinner at the future in-laws with ring-around-the-underarm. The fact is guys sweat a lot, and that sweat can cause major B.O. Can an aluminum-free deodorant for men really keep up?

Answer: Yes - if you pick the right one. It all comes down to the ingredients. Here’s what to look for, what to stay away from and why clean, safe ingredients make all the difference when it comes to choosing the best men's deodorant.

Ditch the Aluminum

First thing’s first: Any deodorant you buy should be aluminum free. While your deodorant doesn't need to be all-natural, it needs to be safe and free of a few questionable ingredients — and aluminum tops the list of ingredients to avoid. Antiperspirants use aluminum salts to block the sweat ducts, helping you feel drier. But studies have indicated a possible—though inconclusive—link to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Clearly, not ideal for your skin, but there is no denying that it keeps the sweat to a minimum.

The reason Type:A is one of the best men’s deodorants is that its aluminum-free formula features patent-pending, sweat-activated technology™ that kicks in at the first sign of sweat. The formula works all day to keep you fresh with safe ingredients. It’s strong, fast acting and effective. So you can relax about being that guy in the elevator no one wants to stand next to.

More Harmful Chemicals to Avoid

Many men’s grooming products, including lots of deodorants, contain some questionable ingredients. Let’s take parabens — preservatives that inhibit mold and bacteria growth. While research is ongoing about health risks associated with these chemicals, parabens are believed to be hormone disruptors, and some studies suggest they could increase the risk of certain cancers.

Another common deodorant ingredient that you may want to avoid is propylene glycol, a synthetic compound used to make deodorant more solid. Unfortunately, the ingredient is also a well-known skin irritant. To avoid potential health hazards and skin irritation, look for brands that contain only carefully selected, safe ingredients and that share every single ingredient on the product label. Knowing every ingredient that’s in your deodorant (under)arms you with the power to decide what you’re putting on your body, so stick with brands like Type:A that are upfront about what goes into the product and why it’s there. (We’ve even got a guide that explains what each ingredient does!) From aloe vera leaf extract to keep your skin moisturized to time-released baking soda (it’s a game changer!), there’s a purpose for each ingredient.


If you’re like a lot of guys, your current antiperspirant probably gets extra points for covering up any unwanted odors with its strong scent. But that scent isn’t always safe. Take a look at the label: Is one of the ingredients “fragrance?” It may sound harmless, but the term fragrance is used because the FDA doesn’t require scent ingredients to be disclosed, and many fragrance formulas are complex, with dozens if not hundreds of ingredients. Many of these “fragrances” contain pthalates, which again are concerning for hormone/endocrine disruption.  Fortunately, the truly safe deodorant brands are totally transparent in what they put in their products and will list every ingredient on the label. These brands are your best bet.

And don’t stress: You can still wear scented deodorant. The Visionary is Type:A’s refreshing, unisex citrus-scented deodorant and it’s safe to use on your skin. Of course, if you’d rather no scent at all (or find your skin gets irritated by essential  oils), you’ll like The Minimalist, Type:A’s fragrance-free deodorant—a rarity in the world of aluminum-free deodorants which often rely on scent to mask body odor.

Safe ingredients are obviously key when searching for an aluminum-free deodorant for men, but it’s the non-irritating, super-effective formula that many guys say keeps them coming back to Type:A. Also important: The tube delivery system means there’s none of that painful pulling on underarm hair, and the formula won’t stain clothes like some other products.

Now that you know what to look for in a safe deodorant, it’s time to make the switch to Type:A. Click here to learn more about the strong-acting, totally effective brand, and why so many guys are saying it’s the best aluminum-free deodorant for men.

Looking for an aluminum-free deodorant for men that keeps up? Look no further.


Written by Brendon Cunha