3 Things to Know About Pregnancy Skin Care and Beauty

by type:A deodorant January 03, 2019

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So this is pregnancy: One long research-fest of things not to do, eat, drink, or wear for the next nine months of your existence. The baby part? That’s the least of your worries! Between you and Google, there are a lot more lifestyle changes you’re suddenly learning about than you’ve probably planned for. Some are logical (relaxing in the hot tub will have to wait another 40 weeks); others are less obvious (don’t even think about going out with friends without knowing the closest spot to pee!). It’s also likely that you’ll need to change up your normal beauty routine to ensure that your pregnancy skin care products are safe for you and your baby-to-be.

Not to worry, you probably were thinking of revamping your skin care regimen anyway, right? Because you know a lot of stuff you slather on your face and body isn’t made with, let’s just say, the very best ingredients. Plus, pregnancy entitles you to certain indulgences, including foot massages, dill pickles, and the very best products for your face and body. Not necessarily in that order. Here are some tips when it comes to choosing the best pregnancy skin care and beauty products.

Look for Clean Skin Care

During pregnancy, a lot of women find their skin is drier than usual. That’s one reason to avoid sodium lauryl sulfate, used in cleansers and soaps, which is known to strip and dehydrate skin even more. Instead, try using a cleansing oil for your face and, for your hands and body, try adding an olive oil-based castile soap to your pregnancy skin care routine. When it comes to moisturizers, look for hydration-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, an anti-aging ingredient found in many serums and creams. This all-star ingredient is naturally produced by the body and serves as a moisture barrier to help your skin attract and retain moisture.

Do you find yourself on the opposite end of the dry to oily spectrum (as in, dealing with acne the likes of which you haven’t seen since junior high)? You can thank hormones for these cystic outbreaks, which call for an anti-inflammatory cream or serum to help combat this type of hormonally-triggered acne. Scan your moisturizer’s ingredients list for calendula flower extract, like in this soothing cream, which is a natural, gentle powerhouse whose redness and inflammation reducing properties have the added bonus of helping calm those hormonal breakouts.

Choose Naturally Dyed Lipstick

Fun fact: According to various teen magazines and websites, women eat between four and seven pounds of lipstick over the course their lives, just by applying it daily. Yum! Kidding aside, whatever you put on your lips eventually makes its way inside you. And of course, you want to make sure whatever goes into your body is totally safe for your future bambino. Conventional lipsticks include dyes that often aren’t considered safe for food products. Definitely not worth the risk.

Instead, look for clean beauty lipsticks with mineral pigments and botanical ingredients (like rose petals or almond oils). These add color to your cosmetics without any health risks. And don’t be afraid to rock a bright hue: Beautycounter and Kosas both have some gorgeous shades!

Pick Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Finally, one of the quickest ways to clean up your pregnancy beauty routine is to switch to an aluminum-free deodorant. What’s that? You tried switching once before and didn’t stick with it? Practice makes perfect! Today’s aluminum-free versions work better than the natural deodorants of old; plus type:A deodorant is the only aluminum-free deodorant that offers sweat-activated technology to ensure long-lasting freshness.

Remember, when you use deodorant you’re directly applying it to one of the most sensitive areas of your body — your underarms (and all the nearby nodes, glands, and arteries). A traditional deodorant has aluminum salt compounds and other potentially toxic ingredients (like parabens, which are possibly linked to birth defects) that you may want to keep away from you and your growing baby. Plus, if you can make a no-sacrifice swap to a healthy deodorant that works for you, then why not?

safe deodorant gives you peace of mind, and there are aluminum-free options that are really high-performance and long-lasting. type:A’s aluminum-free deodorant is a great way to start your pregnancy skin care and beauty journey, and there’s no better time to take the plunge than right now.


Ready to clean up your pregnancy beauty routine? Take the plunge here.


Written by Kristen Geil

type:A deodorant
type:A deodorant


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