The A Life

Living an active lifestyle has always been important here at Type:A. However, that’s become a little harder for all of us as as we settle into our “new normal”. Here are our 10 favorite at home workout resources for you so you can get up, move your body, and stay strong from your living room.

Doing strength training exercises like squats and push-ups will strengthen bones, build muscle, and burn more calories by increasing your metabolism. And that’s in addition to making you look fit and healthy! Here’s how to get started with strength training at home.
Want to bike to work? The key steps are finding a safe bike route, collecting the right gear, and taking some basic safety precautions. Follow these tips, and maybe you can replace your frustrating drive to work with an energetic joyride.
Namaste your way to better running with these yoga poses for runners.
If you’ve got friends and family members who love to run, then you might want to get a little more creative with your gift-giving this holiday season. Check out our fitness gift guide featuring six of the best gifts for runners.
If you’ve been struggling to fit a daily workout into your busy schedule, it’s time to consider an alternative: the lunchtime workout. Here’s the lowdown on how to effectively incorporate a lunchtime workout into your routine.
Running in cold weather can be hit or miss at times. Luckily, the right set of gear and apparel can make it a lot easier, and you’ll feel warmer and have more motivation to stick with your training program. Here’s what to do to maximize your wintertime runs. 
There’s nothing quite like hitting the hiking trail on a crisp fall day, breathing in the fresh air while giving your legs and lungs a great workout. If you have no hiking experience, don’t worry. Read on for our guide to hiking essentials for beginners.
Thinking about trying hot yoga? The benefits of hot yoga include added flexibility, increased mindfulness, improved skin, a greater caloric burn, and more. Here's why you should unroll your mat and embrace the sweat.