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The best aluminum-free
deodorant just got a boost


/ Aluminum free
/ Sweat activated

Find Your Scent

We believe in taking on the day

Putting our best foot forward from the 
early-morning marathons to the late-night sprints. We use powerful, certified-clean ingredients to help you take on every day.

Sweat activated
Stain free
Free returns
Cruelty free
Carbon neutral

Clean without compromise

We were tired of being forced to choose between reliability and safety. 
So, we decided to make something 
different. Something better.

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Take it from them

“I was completely blown away. After an entire day of meetings, calls, writing, and stressing, I still smelled perfectly fresh.”

“Whether I’m slipping in (an) elliptical run, or going about my business, my mind is at peace, knowing my pits aren’t stinking up the place.”

“Now, I can rely on my natural deodorant to get everything done. BOOM. Honestly, it's been so good.”

“The first natural deodorant I’ve tried that actually works. The formula is sweat-activated, long-lasting and it won’t damage clothes.”

“The aluminum-free formula relies on baking soda to nix odor plus natural starches and waxes to keep you feeling dry.”

“We’ve all heard the spiel that aluminum free deodorants don’t work - but type:A is here to prove you wrong.”

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