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The more you sweat,
the harder it works

Aluminum free / Sweat-activated / Guaranteed to love

Aluminum Free

Powered by 100% natural active ingredients


Long-lasting odor and wetness protection

Soft & Smooth

Non-irritating and glides on smoothly

Easy on Clothes

Our ultra-sheer formula absorbs instantly

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This deodorant has a great smell for both men and women! I was surprised at how well it continued to work throughout the day even after some rigorous workouts. I love how its a gel and easy to apply. My husband already stole mine from me! A must buy :)
Matt D.
I'll admit I was skeptical that this would work. I'm a big guy and can definitely sweat and smell especially during a workout. When I wore Type A to the gym I didn't have any odor issues at all. I've since worn it several times when walking around the city while it's been warm outside and have had the same experience. It's a pretty incredible product.
It was really hot today (over 100 degrees) and I didn't feel particularly sweaty. After a long day usually I might smell a little funky (guess my industrial strength Secret deodorant wears off) but today all I could smell was "The Visionary"!
As a person who struggles with stress sweat, Type: A Deodorant has been a GAME CHANGER. It's sweat activated technology activates the moment your body begins showing signs of stress. It's safer formula eases my conscience and its citrus herbal scent is just noticeable without being overpowering. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a safer, high performing deodorant.
Type A works well for me. The performance of the product keeps me smelling great and feeling dry throughout the day. And the application of the product is easy and clean with the unique tube design. Very good product. Highly recommend.
Chelsea C.
Type A has done it: A safe deo that lasts, is easy to apply, doesn't irritate my skin with too much baking soda, and stands up to the Alabama summer heat! I'm thoroughly impressed and now need another tube because my husband has used it as much as I have. I've tried several safe options that were a waste but this one is fantastic!

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Our goal is to create the cleanest, most effective products possible. We set a strict ingredient standard and thoroughly screen and test our products for safety.

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    Sweat-activated | Aluminum free



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