Best deodorant for women, men & kids, scented deodorant, stronger than natural deodorant

Our clean approach

Reliability or safety? Why not both! Taking things into our own hands, we created a deodorant that actually works... really.

We sweat the small stuff so that you don’t have to.‍ No toxins, just the good stuff. Certified clean ingredients with sweat-activated technology to help you take on the day and then some. Boom!

Sweating the small stuff

Less is more with our power-packed ingredients with purpose. We don’t just pass every safety and performance test, we ace them.

Aluminum free -Cut the crap. There’s so much uncertainty about the effects of aluminum to your health, so why risk it?.

Safe ingredients -We like to keep it 100! We are proud that our products only use the best, safest ingredients. We wouldn’t give you anything less than perfect.

Cruelty free -We would never, and I mean never EVER test on animals.

Carbon neutral -When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint, we're going for broke (literally, zero).

Certified B Corporation™ -We're not all business, we're aiming to serve a greater purpose and be a force for positive change in our community.

#GIRLBOSS literally

Meet Allison! She’s an overachiever. Before she founded Type:A, she made a career out of marketing beauty products. But every time she tried out a natural deodorant, she was left feeling less than fresh. She was sick of having to sacrifice. (I’m guessing you know the feeling…) She wanted a deodorant that also overachieved so, she set out to make it happen. And TA-DA here we are today!

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