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We all know that superfoods are good for us – they’re powerhouse ingredients that pack maximum nutrition into a small package. Well spirulina has long been a superfood, even before that word became trendy.
  • 2 min read
Not all armpits are created equally, but neither are all deodorants. Here are some reasons why you might have one armpit that is smellier and how to fix the issue.
  • 2 min read
Guest poster Chelsea March takes us inside the exploding “clean beauty” movement, and highlights some favorite brands (including Type A, natch).
  • 4 min read
Whether you’re trying natural deodorant for the first time, or just haven’t quite found the right one yet, our tips will help keep you fresh all day long.
  • 3 min read
A little aluminum goes a long way… in the wrong direction. You may already be familiar with the active ingredient in antiperspirants. If not, it is aluminum, and you should consider reading this through to understand why using deodorant with aluminum can be seriously harmful to your health.
Our hands are receiving a long and thorough wash more frequently than ever. With the cold winter raging on, and the dry skin that accompanies it, we have good news! You don’t have to sacrifice soft skin for clean skin, soft and clean hands are possible with these helpful hand washing tips.
With the new year coming up, we are all making resolutions. So many ways to live life a little healthier! Making more time for self-care or cooking one new recipe every week are fantastic goals. A super-easy swap – switching to an aluminum free deodorant in 2021.
This year, gift-giving will look a little different for most of us as we continue to social distance, scrub our hands and hunker down - think less experiences and more products. Not to fret! We’ve got a little something for everyone on your nice list.