Is One Armpit Smellier Than the Other?

Is One Armpit Smellier Than the Other?

Have you ever noticed that one of your armpits is noticeably smellier than the other? There are a lot of reasons this can happen, it could be usage of your dominant side or maybe weather, or it could simply be a difference in sweat production. Not all armpits are created equally, but neither are all deodorants. Here are some reasons why you might have one armpit that is smellier and how to fix the issue.

We naturally use our dominant side more throughout the day. You’re probably not perfectly ambidextrous, and I’m not either. I use my right arm for almost everything I do throughout the day, making that side of my body sweat a bit more than the left.

No two body parts are exactly the same, and armpits are no exception. You may have one armpit that just produces sweat a little more than the other. This is totally normal and there is an easy fix.

It’s super easy to remedy either of these issues. First, make sure you’re applying your deodorant on dry, clean skin every day. It is much harder for your deodorant to work effectively if your skin is not clean. After that, try applying just a tad more deodorant on your smellier pit than you normally would.

You live in hot weather. The weather conditions of where you live may also have an effect on how much you’re sweating (and how much you’re smelling). If you notice a change in smell during hot weather it may be time to start using just a little bit more deodorant. If that’s not working, you may be using the wrong deodorant.

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