A Guy’s Guide to Staying Fresh All Summer Long

A Guy’s Guide to Staying Fresh All Summer Long

With summer quickly approaching, how to avoid the ever growing sweat stains and embarrassing BO is at the top of every man’s mind. It’s easy to grab another stick of your trusty old antiperspirant, but what if I told you it could be just as easy to avoid establishing your own summer stench while still avoiding harmful chemicals that are found in antiperspirants. Keep reading to learn what to avoid in antiperspirants and what clean ingredients are going to become your best friends this summer.

It’s time to go aluminum-free

The purpose that aluminum serves in antiperspirants is to plug your sweat ducts so that sweat just simply cannot come out. Although this may sound like exactly what you want to do, it can be really unsafe and has been linked to many health complications. Instead, you want to let your body perform its natural functions and release toxins through sweat. What you actually don’t want is to let the bacteria on your skin mix with that sweat and cause an odor.

Clean deodorant has your back

Aluminum-free deodorant has a variety of safe ingredients that can keep you smelling fresh through even the hottest summer days. These ingredients come together to create type:A, a skin-friendly product that is sweat activated to release throughout the day for long-lasting protection. Some of these powerhouse ingredients include arrowroot powder for moisture absorption, baking soda for odor neutralization, aloe vera leaf extract for its skin-soothing properties, and the natural antibacterial zinc citrate.

Just in case you need a quick touch up

type:A is designed to last throughout the day, however, if you find that you need a touch up at any point through the day. We’ve got you covered. In just a quick and easy swipe, our deodorant wipes provide that additional protection you may need this summer. 

It's important to remember that just because a product may be effective in keeping your body odor at bay, doesn’t mean it’s a product you want to keep in your medicine cabinet. type:A has so many clean scent options (and even unscented!) that will not only keep you smelling fresh all summer, but will have your body thanking you, too.