Handwashing Habits

Handwashing Habits

The weather is warming up, vaccines are becoming more widely available, and we are starting to feel a lot more optimistic than we’ve felt in a while. It’s great and SO exciting. We love the idea that maybe things will begin to feel a bit more normal soon, but there are some pandemic habits that we intend to keep, and you probably should too. 

First things first, if you weren’t regularly washing your hands, especially after being outside, at the grocery store, or anywhere else before the pandemic… it’s time to start. In our daily lives, we come in contact with so much dirt, germs, and bacteria that put ourselves and our health in danger. I don’t have time to worry that I may be carrying around germs that could get myself or my loved ones sick -- pandemic or not. Along with the safety of keeping clean hands, we love cleansing with soaps that have probiotics, like Type:A’s moisturizing bar soap. If you don’t know about the benefits of using skincare products with probiotics, check out the 5 ways probiotics may save your skin here. It totally changed our outlook on the importance of handwashing. 

Next, we are definitely going to be continuing the habit of using hand lotion after washing when we can. If you’re anything like us, your hands were drier than they had ever been when the pandemic began and you probably went on the hunt for the perfect hand lotion to use after the copious amount of intense hand washing with whatever random hand soap you could find left in your local grocery store at the time. Using a soothing and hydrating cream after washing our hands absolutely changed the game and allowed us to feel good about the frequency of our handwashing and not be embarrassed of dry and cracking knuckles. Type:A’s soothing hand cream uses calendula flower extract and aloe vera to replenish and repair cracked, damaged skin and kukui nut oil, shea butter, and glycerin to provide hydration and nourishment to the skin and keep it soft throughout the day.

Lastly, we all know that washing your hands with soap and water is the best option. But we also became very comfortable in the last year carrying around hand sanitizer for when soap and water just wasn’t an option. For us, we grew to love always knowing that we had hand sanitizer on deck that would clean our hands when we were on the go. And what we loved even more -- hand sanitizer that doesn’t make your hands feel like sandpaper after just a couple uses. Type:A’s moisturizing hand sanitizer is perfect for sensitive skin as it not only fights germs and kills bacteria, but it also has aloe vera and glycerin to keep your hands clean and hydrated no matter where you are. 

The past year has been crazy and things have changed so much, but we are so optimistic that things will feel normal soon. That being said, our normal has changed and we think it’s for the better. With the nourishing, hydrating, and highly effective ingredients in Type:A hand care products, we will be leaving the pandemic with cleaner and softer hands than ever.