The Best Deodorant Comes in a Tube
(yep, you can judge this book by its cover)

by Allison Moss July 09, 2018

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When it comes to deodorant, we realized early on that it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts – how you apply your deodorant is just as important as the ingredients that go into the formula. Especially in the world of natural deodorants, where many come in jars and require application by hand. We’ve all tried the traditional deodorant sticks, which often end up as a clumpy mess under your arms (never a good look), and topple out of their containers towards the end of their lifespan. Or how about those wet, goopy roll-ons? Not great. Oh, and forget about hard-to-apply rocks. So, when we set out to create the best deodorant, we knew there had to be a better way to apply it.

When developing the packaging for type:A, we were determined to find the best and easiest way to apply a cream deodorant - and even make the process enjoyable! After all, switching to a safe deodorant is a healthy choice and, if using it is annoying or complicated, it might send you right back into the arms of your traditional, toxin-full antiperspirant. It’s kind of like dieting. And we wanted to make sure that choosing a healthy deo would be a choice that really sticks.

The inspiration for the type:A deodorant tube came from looking at the best of beauty - think rollerball eye creams and click-pen concealers. Years and years of working in the beauty industry taught us how important it is to enjoy applying a product to your skin. Take the click-pen concealer, for example. The packaging takes the simple concealer to another level ... easy, mess-free and portable, not to mention appealing to the eye. Shouldn’t the same consideration be given to your deodorant? With all this in mind, we set off on a mission to create the best deodorant packaging and do better than our natural deodorant predecessors.

In our dogged pursuit of this “better way," we rejected all the tried-and-true methods. We examined and test-drove hundreds of options for packaging and applicators. Turns out what everyone says is true: When you meet the one, you simply know. In our case, type:A deodorant’s perfect match is a portable, ergonomic tube that fits easily in the palm of your hand and allows you to quickly swipe deodorant on as if using a conventional stick.

If you haven’t yet tried type:A deodorant (which you should), here’s how the tube works: the button applicator at the end of the tube has three elongated slits and, when you give the tube a squeeze, the aluminum-free deodorant cream comes out in three evenly-measured ribbons. They even look pretty! But they’re not just good-looking ribbons, they also make it easy to cover more surface area with just one squeeze. Plus, you can control how much you use by squeezing out just the right amount of deodorant for you. And, just like a click-pen concealer, our deodorant tubes look really great on your counter or in your gym bag.

The love doesn’t end there. It was critical to us that the best deodorant tube was also kind to the earth. We use the safest grades of plastic possible and encourage recycling. Once you’ve emptied your tube, you can recycle it by dropping it off at the nearest Credo or Terracycle location. Small plastics often fall through the cracks at the recycling sorting center, so Credo has partnered with Terracycle to safely recycle these small plastic products and reduce cosmetic waste. Turn in one of your empties and you’ll also earn 20 points toward Credo’s rewards program — a win for you and a win for the beauty industry’s environmental footprint.

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Want to give our ergonomic, earth-friendly deodorant tube a squeeze? Head on over to our shop.

Allison Moss


Allison Moss is currently the Founder & CEO of type:A Brands. Under her leadership, type:A is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives without sacrifice and to help bring clean beauty to the mainstream. Allison has 18 years of marketing and management experience in consumer products and eCommerce, and an MBA from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

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