By Desiree Lilly (promoted by Type:A Deodorant)

Just last year I started on an adventure to find the right deodorant for me and my family. I knew I wanted to upgrade from the old-school antiperspirant to something aluminum free, but I also needed it to work (of course)! And if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that while there are many options, not all “clean” deodorants are created equal. So after trying 10+ products, and easily 30+ different scents, what was the winner? Type:A!!

And I’m not the only one who came to this conclusion -- Type:A is becoming a fan-favorite on the Target shelves.

There were four boxes that the winning clean deodorant had to check. And I’m happy to report that Type:A deodorant checked all four.

1) Aluminum-free, non-toxic deodorant

 This one goes without saying. But for those who aren’t familiar, aluminum is the active ingredient in antiperspirant that keeps you dry – it plugs the sweat ducts under your arms, so the sweat simply can’t come out. While this sounds good in theory, sweating is your body’s way of naturally eliminating toxins. On the other hand, clean deodorants work by eliminating the odor-causing bacteria that interacts with sweat -- allowing your body to sweat out toxins naturally while eliminating the odor that comes from underarm sweat.

There are other ingredients to avoid, such as parabens and phthalates. But that’s a little deeper down the rabbit hole.

2) I’m super active … and I need a deodorant that actually works!

 So here’s the dirty secret with “all-natural” deodorants … many of them don’t work very well. Most smell quite nice at first, but simply wear out too quickly. Particularly after a hot day or a hard workout. Type:A Deodorant was one of the longest-lasting clean deodorants that I tried. 

Their secret? Something they call sweat-activated technology (In fact, seeing this on the tube was one of the main reasons I wanted to test this product). According to their website FAQs, here’s how it works: “Our biggest difference is our patented, sweat-activated formula. Each and every time you sweat, Type:A's odor fighters and natural active ingredients spring into action. This helps create a time-release effect for long-lasting protection.” There’s more info at the link above, but in my experience, this stuff keeps me feeling fresh all day.

3) I’m a sucker for really fresh, clean scents

 When you start trying different deodorants, you will find ALL KINDS of different scents. Personally, I don’t like anything that smells too “perfume-y” or earthy. I don’t want to smell like mushrooms. Type:A has a handful of really amazing, fresh scents. My two favorite are The Innovator, which is a fresh rain + bergamot scent. And The Dreamer, which is a really nice floral linen scent. They have some great combo and sampler sets you can buy online to try multiple scents.

4) Skin irritation be gone

One other thing I learned through this process was that many deodorants cause irritation. The products that caused irritation for me were all very rigid “deodorant sticks.” After a few uses, I started to develop redness, and the deo sticks felt like sandpaper on my skin.

This is where Type:A is clearly very unique compared to other products. It comes in a really cool tube with a unique applicator, not a hard gritty stick. The texture is creamier, it squeezes out of the top of the tube and you swipe it right on. Voila! It feels soft and smooth on the skin, and really cuts out the irritation.

I hope you’re ready to start on your own aluminum-free deodorant adventure! You can find Type:A deodorant on their website where you can buy individual tubes, or subscribe (I get four tubes delivered every few months. Two for me and two for my husband). Or on shelves at Target!