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Default Title

Default Title
  • Clean Crisp Citron

    The Visionary

    You're a visionary. A big, bold thinker with big, bold ideas that could change the world. You love the scratch of a fresh notepad, the kick in your third cup of coffee, and the crisp, clean smell of citrus to start the day.


    White Floral Linen

    The Dreamer

    You’re a dreamer. A passionate, spontaneous free spirit with the vision boards to prove it. You love the pulse of your favorite song, the bristles in your favorite paintbrush, and the smell of white florals, ylang ylang, and jasmine in the night air.

    Bergamot + Fresh Rain

    The Innovator

    Awarded Best Deodorant of 2020 by Women's Health Magazine

    You're an innovator. An inspired genius with ideas that never stop coming. You love the thrill of unwrapping a new gadget, the sound of your keyboard clicking as you bring your ideas to life, and nothing sparks that light bulb above your head like the fresh scent of rain and bergamot.

    ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: A powerhouse deodorizer that absorbs toxins and odor.

    SPIRULINA: Rich in chlorophyll to help boost odor protection and soothe the skin.

Aluminum free
Sweat activated
Stain free
Free returns
Cruelty free

Why go aluminum free?

Aluminum is used in antiperspirants to plug your sweat ducts, and there’s a lot of negative buzz surrounding it, so we’re steering clear. Because some things just don't belong in your personal care.

Take your deodorant to go

Take your deodorant to go

The Visionary Wipes $13.99

Our odor-neutralizing, aluminum-free deodorant wipes are the perfect on-the-go solution to keep you feeling clean and fresh.

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Make the most of it

Give the tube a squeeze

To use, give the tube a good squeeze and swipe on, just like a stick, making sure to cover your entire underarm.

Start with clean, dry skin

Make the most of your deodorant by applying to clean, dry skin. If you’ve just shaved, wait 10 to 20 minutes before applying.

Experiment with how much you apply

Don’t be afraid to experiment with how much you apply. Use as much (or as little) as you need.

Breaking up with aluminum

Your body may need time to adjust to something better. Don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered. Here's what to expect:

While detoxing, you may sweat or smell differently for about 2 weeks. Some people experience no detox at all - everyone is different!

Be consistent. Reverting to antiperspirant makes it harder for your body to adjust. You may need a mid-day refresh, but stay with it.

To help the detox along, try using a charcoal or clay mask under your arms, or a mild acid-based toner, to draw impurities out of your skin.

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