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I was completely blown away. After an entire day of meetings, calls, writing, and stressing, I still smelled perfectly fresh.

It smells awesome. Like really awesome. Its smooth application is divine. I don't stink. Like at all. My skin doesn't break out. It's the BOMB.


Now, I can rely on my natural deodorant to get everything done. BOOM. Honestly, it's been so good.


My mind is at peace, knowing my pits aren’t stinking up the place.

We’ve all heard the spiel that aluminum free deodorants don’t work - but type:A is here to prove you wrong.

"It legitimately lives up to the claims and keeps me fresh all day.... literally ALL DAY. Yes, that means through my job AND a sweaty HIIT workout. So just buy it already and stop being smelly."


This is, by FAR, my favorite deodorant I've ever tried. I am obsessed.


The aluminum-free formula relies on baking soda to nix odor plus natural starches and waxes to keep you feeling dry.


The first natural deodorant I’ve tried that actually works. The formula is sweat-activated, long-lasting and it won’t damage clothes.

I tried Type A and couldn't believe it. It must have been a fluke. I spent a whole day with absolutely no smell under my arms. I tried it again, same result. TYPE A IS MAGIC IN A BOTTLE! This is the best deodorant I've used in my entire life. Thank you for changing my underarm game forever!!!