Meet Allison

She's an overachiever. Before she founded her own company, she made a career out of marketing beauty products. Every time she tried out a natural deodorant, she was left feeling less than fresh. She was sick of having to sacrifice. She wanted a deodorant that also overachieved. So, she set out to make it happen.

Creating a better deodorant from the ground up

  • We designed a no-sacrifice formula

    Because we believe in products that overachieve, every day.

  • We showed our work

    Because we believe you should know what's in your deodorant.

  • We made a deodorant for everyone

    Because everyone sweats and everyone deserves a product that works hard to keep up with them.

Sweating the small stuff

  • We do things the right way

    Because we don't just talk the talk. We do a lot of walking.

    • Carbon neutral

    • Certified B Corporation™

  • We skip the shady stuff

    Because we choose each power-packed ingredient with purpose, and ensure that it passes every safety and performance test.

    • Aluminum free

    • Carefully crafted with safe, naturally-derived ingredients

    • Cruelty free

  • We stand behind our products

    Because supporting people is just what we do. 

    • Free returns

    • Give us a shout

Frequently Asked Questions