Alcohol-free wipes to keep you fresh on the go

WINNER: Best Deodorant Wipe, SELF Magazine 2020

Cleanse + deodorize one speedy swipe. Refreshes instantly and leaves behind a thin, invisible layer of deodorant with our gentle yet powerful odor-neutralizing complex to keep you protected. Free from aluminum, alcohol, and sulfates.


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People who smell amazing

❝ These are best! I use them after I play tennis, when I don't have time to shower before getting on with my day. I am fresh and stink-free the rest of the day. Amazing! ❞

– Veronica

❝ As [a] cancer patient without lymph in my left underarm, my right underarm over works, so with this said, I found [Type:A] to be great. I had no odor... no sweating feeling. ❞

– Stephanie

❝ Type:A has been incredible! I smell great at the end of my busy day and I feel good about using a natural aluminum free product. Thanks for creating a great deodorant! ❞

– Kira

❝ This is amazing and does way better than I expected! I love the smell (I use The Innovator). And it works great against dryness. And it is very non-irritating! ❞

– Shanna

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We’ve created an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works, with two great formulas. Our on-the-go deo wipes get rave reviews for cleansing + deodorizing in one swipe. And our patented, sweat-activated deodorant in the tube glides on smoothly and keeps you protected. I can’t wait for you to try it!

– Allison Moss, Founder