Our Story

When we set out to raise the bar on 'natural' deodorants, we asked ourselves, what does this mean? Paying attention to every detail. Overachieving expectations. And never settling for mediocre product performance.

So naturally, we called ourselves type:A.

By making safe + high-performance deodorant, type:A is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives without sacrifice and to help bring #cleanbeauty to the mainstream.

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Our Founder

Our founder–Allison–knows what it takes to make a truly amazing product. Years of marketing beauty products for a living actually required her to try hundreds (if not thousands) of creams, serums, oils, lipsticks, fragrances and more. (What a slog, we know.)

When she decided to switch to a natural deodorant, she tried dozens of products but each and every one was a disappointment. She knew a truly better deodorant with stellar performance and safe ingredients was absolutely possible, it just needed to be created. So she set out to make it happen.

Our Clean Commitment

type:A’s patent-pending formula is carefully crafted to be 100% non-toxic using only naturally derived or safe synthetic ingredients.

Vetting product safety is our top concern. It’s not enough to be free from a few buzzword ingredients. We set a strict ingredient standard for what we will and won’t use. And then we thoroughly screen and test each ingredient and the entire formula for safety.

Transparency is everything to us. Check out Ingredients 101 to learn more about the function of each ingredient, our selection process, and which ingredients we feel should never be used in a deodorant.

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Our Clean Approach

Somehow a deodorant with high performance and safe, clean ingredients had become an either/or scenario. Call us crazy, but we want it all.

Our goal is to create the cleanest, most effective products possible. This all starts with our SAFER SCIENCE PROTOCOL.

  1. Develop sophisticated formulas using proven scientific techniques
  2. Ensure every ingredient works hard and serves a purpose
  3. Screen each ingredient and the entire formula composition for safety
  4. Test (only) on humans to make sure the product experience is exceptional
  5. Check in with the clean beauty community – leading experts, industry executives, retailers, and independent watchdogs like EWG.

Questions? We’ve got (almost) all the answers.

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