4 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Unscented Deodorant

by Noa Arias February 12, 2019

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Deodorant is like wine (just hear me out here for a sec). Some people prefer it bold and fruity, while others don’t want it to overpower their taste buds. Personally, I prefer my aluminum-free deodorant scented (particularly a crisp citron scent like The Visionary) for two reasons: the smell is energizing and gives a kickstart to my day, and it just makes me feel *extra* fresh. But, much to my surprise, not everyone is like me (shocker, I know). If you prefer unscented deodorant, you’re not alone! In fact, according to recent research, roughly 17% of the population prefers fragrance-free deodorant. Here are the main reasons why:

Reason 1: I don’t want my deo to conflict with my perfume

For some people, their perfume is their trademark. They spend time and potentially lots of money finding a signature scent so, it makes sense that they wouldn’t want their deodorant trying to overpower it, right? Also, if your signature scent is a powdery floral, then who knows how it might mix with a minty or citrus scent (and what the resulting mix might smell like). Sometimes it’s just easier to wear unscented deodorant, rather than trying to find a deo that complements your signature fragrance.

Reason 2: Fragrances irritate my skin

Scented deodorant, whether scented by natural extracts or by the mysterious “fragrance” moniker, inherently has more ingredients than unscented deodorant. And these ingredients often can be quite irritating, unfortunately. But it’s potentially more concerning when the label simply says “fragrance” or “natural fragrance”. The FDA allows brands to keep fragrance ingredients a secret (literally a “trade secret”) so, if you see “fragrance” on an ingredient label, it’s likely at least partially synthetic and you’ll never know what you’re putting on your skin. Most synthetic fragrances are composed of hundreds of chemicals, many of which cause some irritation or aren’t necessarily safe. For example, many synthetic fragrances contain phthalates, a class of plasticizing chemicals that help that fragrance stick to the skin and last longer, which are known endocrine disruptors.

If they’re not using generically labeled “fragrances”, then many natural deodorant brands will use essential oils to add scent to their products. However essential oils are concentrated and can irritate your skin - whether you'll have irritation depends on how much is used, the rest of the formula, plus your body chemistry. Spice oils, like cinnamon and clove, are the worst offenders so if you have sensitive skin, you may want to steer clear of any deodorants that include these oils.

Reason 3: I like to know my deodorant is working

Not to name names, but there are some natural deodorants that have a strong scent because they simply mask odor rather than fight it. And nothing smells more toxic than BO mixed with non-toxic deodorant that doesn’t work (slight exaggeration but it isn’t pretty). That’s why some people prefer unscented deodorant - because they are concerned that their aluminum-free deodorant is simply covering up their body odor and the funk is still there. If that’s a concern for you, then you should know that type:A deodorant fights odor-causing bacteria with sweat-activated technology that mimics a time-release effect. So the more you sweat, the harder type:A works to keep odors at bay.

Reason 4: All natural deodorants smell, well, *crunchy*

Some people love patchouli, and that’s cool. But natural and aluminum-free deodorant scents have come a long way since the days people had to rub patchouli oil on their underarms to fight BO (as if that ever worked). We’ve got options now! If you’ve been using unscented deodorant because you’re worried about “eau de natural” then hop on over to our shop and check out our latest scents: The Achiever, which smells like wild mind and salt water, or The Dreamer, which is our take on a floral for anyone, even those who think they're not into florals (we promise, you’ll love it!).

The good news is, whether you prefer unscented deodorant or not, you’re in the right place. If you rather your aluminum-free deodorant just disappear into the background and do its job, we’ve got our 100% essential oil- and fragrance-free deodorant (aka The Minimalist) that will keep you fresh even through a hot yoga sesh. And if you prefer a little scent in your deo for an added oomph, you know where to go  - what are you waiting for?


Find out what The Minimalist is all about or check out the latest type:A deodorant flavors at our shop.


Noa Arias


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