There’s no such thing as a little bit of aluminum

aluminum free deodorant made with clean ingredients

A little aluminum goes a long way… in the wrong direction. You may already be familiar with the active ingredient in antiperspirants. If not, it is aluminum, and you should consider reading this through to understand why using deodorant with aluminum can be seriously harmful to your health, even if you’re using it infrequently.

Aluminum serves the purpose of plugging the sweat ducts under your arms, so that the sweat just doesn’t come out at all. This sounds great in theory, however, sweating is your body’s way of eliminating toxins and by plugging these sweat ducts, you’re forcing your body to reabsorb those toxins. 

When used in antiperspirants, aluminum may be absorbed into your body. Research suggests that exposure to aluminum, even in small amounts may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Although it may be tempting to switch back and forth sometimes between clean deodorant and antiperspirant, it’s not worth the potential health risks.

Additionally, this alternating will inhibit your body from reaping the full benefits of aluminum-free deodorant. Many users report that their natural deodorants actually work better after they have completely detoxed from the aluminum in their antiperspirants and rid their underarms of toxins. Aside from increasing efficacy of natural deodorant, exclusively using aluminum-free deodorant ensures that you are protecting yourself from the threats that aluminum may pose to your health.

Although there is not yet definitive data connecting daily exposure to aluminum with these health threats, links have been found that should make you think twice next time you reach for a deodorant that contains aluminum. This may all sound quite grim, but there’s good news, too! Aluminum-free deodorant made with safe ingredients exists, and it works. Type:A deodorant has a completely transparent and chemical-free ingredient list that provides long-lasting odor protection. If you’re looking to make the safer switch and put your health first -- Type:A has got your back (and your underarms!).