From Believer -> Achiever: Sarah Biggers on Founding Clove + Hallow

by type:A deodorant July 24, 2019

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Here at type:A, we are all about clean living and making sure we create the safest products for our customers without sacrificing performance. And we're not alone! One of the perks of working in the clean beauty world is getting to meet some of our fabulous counterparts. This past week, we got a chance to sit down with Sarah Biggers, founder of CLOVE + HALLOW, and learn more about how she got started building a clean cosmetics empire.

Where is your brand based? 

We're located in Atlanta, Georgia.

What inspired you to start your brand? 

It happened really fast. I was working as a freelance makeup artist when I experienced a health crisis that forced me to take a harder look at the ingredients in the products I was consuming and using. When I tried to replace my favorite products with clean alternatives, I was disappointed to learn how limited my options were. I sat on the idea for awhile, but deep down I knew that I would end up launching my own line. It was only a matter of time!

What makes your brand stand out?

We're best known for our shade range and affordable pricing, but in general, C+H is renowned for successfully competing with the best conventional products on the market - which was always my goal. I don't want to create makeup that is good in the context of clean beauty; I want my products to be good no matter what!

What's your favorite part of creating products?

I attended one of the best engineering institutes in the country but was innately drawn to the beauty industry, so the balance of art/creativity and science/logic that comes with creating products really appeals to me. There really is no way to explain the rush that comes with overcoming roadblock after roadblock to launch a product that the market loves.

What other brands or companies inspire you?

I admire brands that are mission-focused and support their communities. I can think of a few consumer-facing brands that consistently wow me with their commitment and focus, such as Brandless, Thrive Causemetics, and Live Tinted.

Your favorite product you've ever made? 

We recently launched a liquid foundation product called Liquid Skin Tint and I think it's a tie between that product line and our Conceal + Correct. I love to create complexion products because they are so challenging and nuanced and important to the day-to-day lives of women. That is what makes them important, and I get a lot of satisfaction and pride from working on important products.

Your dream product you want to create?

I don't have a dream product per se, but I would love to create a line of makeup-focused skincare, i.e. products that not only improve your skin, but improve the way makeup looks on your skin. A lot of the issues we face as a brand stem from people who don't take care of their skin which prevents products from working their best. I think pairing skincare and makeup together makes a lot of sense!

Outside of your brand, what do you love to do?

When I'm not working, I spend most of my time lounging on my back porch reading a book, walking my dogs around Piedmont Park, and daydreaming about future products and business ideas.

Which type:A deodorant personality do you most align with?

Definitely The Achiever.

type:A deodorant


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