How to Master The Lunchtime Workout

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Finding time to work out can be a challenge. Let’s face it – nobody really wants to wake up before dawn to rush to the gym. And waiting until after work to exercise means competing with lots of other people for machines at the gym and space on the running trails.

If you’ve been struggling to fit a daily workout into your busy schedule, it’s time to consider an alternative: the lunchtime workout. Working out during the day helps you avoid the biggest crowds and makes productive use of your limited free time.

Even if you have a 9 to 5 job, it’s possible to sneak in quick workouts to burn some calories and give yourself a mental break. Here’s the lowdown on how to effectively incorporate a lunchtime workout into your routine. 

Lunchtime Workout Basics 

The daytime workout offers lots of advantages. First off, you’ll be exercising when you’re most alert, as opposed to struggling through a groggy 6 am workout. If you work all day, a lunch workout will leave you feeling energized and allow you return to the office with more mental focus.

Those with office jobs face extra challenges to fit in a lunchtime workout, but it’s still possible with some creativity. Can you extend your lunch break by 30 minutes and stay in the office later to make up for it? If not, can you eat a quick salad or sandwich at your desk and turn your lunch time into an exercise hour?

Once you’ve tackled the logistical issues, it’s time to give it a shot. What sort of quick workouts can you fit in during the day? Try hitting the gym to lift weights or use the elliptical; consider dropping into a spin or yoga class; go jogging in public parks or on nearby trails; or just walk or climb stairs in your building and around town. If you have no other option, find a spare room and spend 15 minutes on pushups, jumping jacks, squats, and planks.

In order to stay motivated, choose a fun activity that you’ll look forward to. The main goal is to get into the habit of making exercise a priority, even when it takes some effort to fit it into your day.

What to Pack in Your Lunchtime Workout Bag

Bring a few basic necessities so you’ll be ready to sneak out for those quick workouts. Include athletic shoes and apparel, a water bottle, a towel, and snacks such as nuts or protein bars in your workout bag. Don’t forget the earphones to listen to music and podcasts on your phone.

If you have a chance for a post-workout gym shower, that’s great. If not, do your best to towel off your sweat. Either way, freshen up afterwards with our new deodorant wipes, which are ideal for on-the-go cleansing and deodorizing. These biodegradable wipes can be used on the chest, underarms, back, arms, and legs to neutralize odors and get you feeling fresh enough to resume your day.

Staying Committed

To get the most out of these workouts, you’ve got to be committed. If you’re the methodical type who likes to plan, pencil the workout right into your daily schedule. If not, finding a regular yoga or spin session scheduled at noon would be perfect, because you’ll be forced to stick to that exact time slot.

Once you get into the routine and realize how invigorating a lunchtime workout can be, you might just find yourself craving that afternoon jog or trip to the gym. Sticking to the routine may turn out to be easier than you think.

There are so many options for working out during the day that anyone who really wants to use that time to stay fit can make it happen. No more excuses!

Make a plan, grab some deodorant wipes and get a fresh start with your new lunchtime workout routine.


Written by Scott Shetler