Helpful Handwashing Tips

Hand washing tips using bar soap

We said it before and we’ll say it again -- clean hands are so “in'' this year!!! Our hands are receiving a long and thorough wash more frequently than ever. With the cold winter raging on, and the dry skin that accompanies it, we have good news! You don’t have to sacrifice soft skin for clean skin, soft and clean handsare possible with these helpful hand washing tips.

Make sure you’re washing your hands for 20 seconds at least! It’s recommended to wash your hands with warm water between 20 and 40 seconds, and honestly -- it’s so cold out, we are not complaining about some extra time under the faucet to warm up our hands.

Use a soap that is specifically formulated to keep your hands soft and clean. Ingredients like rosehip oil (which is rich in Vitamin A) and kukui nut oil will provide hydration and soothe your skin leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth.

It’s important to always have a good, fast-absorbing cream handy. After you wash your hands (and don’t forget fingernails and thumbs!), it’s important to lock in that moisture to make sure you’re not throwing away the hydration provided by your soothing soap.

Clean hands are more important this year than they have ever been. But that does NOT mean your hands have to feel like sandpaper! If you’re looking for a bar soap that can provide you with the hydration and protection you need, our New Moisturizing Bar Soap is a great way to make sure your hands are clean AND soft. No more sacrifices this winter!