A Year in the Life of the Best Deodorant for Women (hey, they said it, not us)

the best deodorant for women type:A deodorant

Today is a very special day here at Type:A headquarters - it's our very first birthday! Normally we don't like to toot our own horn but, hey, we’re Type:A and we believe that we should be proud of our accomplishments. Just one year ago, no one had ever heard of Type:A or sweat-activated deodorant in a tube for that matter. Now a mere 12 months later, we’re thrilled to be bringing safe deodorant to oodles of homes across the country. And for that, we must thank our customers. Without you, none of this could have happened - we’re so grateful for your loyalty and exceptionally kind words. So on this day, our birthday, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the excitement of this past year from the mouths our biggest fans (and you know what they say, the customer is always right😉). 

April: It actually works!

"Type A deodorant is hands down the best deodorant I’ve tried.  Having been always on the market for a natural safe deodorant that actually works has always been a challenge until I Tried Type A!  It glides on smoothly and best of all it works!" - Tamara

May: A is for aluminum free

"I cannot explain how long I have been looking for an aluminum-free deodorant that works. I love the smooth application, so easy to apply and you can’t beat the price. I smell great all day and don’t sweat which is quite a feat when taking care of a newborn!" - Arielle

June: No stains, no streaks, no sweat 

"The best natural deodorant on the market. I have tried so many brands and this one works all day, does not stain or leave oil marks, and has a great scent. It is even better than any (un natural) deodorant too! Will be using this forever." - Erika

July: It’s safe

"I love this deodorant. With breast cancer in my family, I have been on the hunt for an aluminum free deodorant for a few now. I tried everything on the market and am finally satisfied. It smells good and actually works! This holds up through workouts and hikes as well as gym sessions. It's easy to apply and doesnt stain my clothes." - Mariam

August: Non-irritating

"I really like this stuff! Best natural deo I've tried up to this point (and I've tried a lot of them). This one literally never fails for me. It also doesn't irritate, which is a HUGE deal for my sensitive pits. I will be sticking with Type A going forward!" - Becky

September: Long-lasting protection

"I purchased The Minimalist (unscented) Type A, several weeks ago.  It has stood up even on the sweatiest of days, working in the yard for hours in high humidity, no BO.  I recommend it for anyone who has been searching for the perfect natural deodorant!" - Judi

October: The best deodorant for women AND men

"I tried Type A and couldn't believe it.  It must have been a fluke.  I spent a whole day with absolutely no smell under my arms.  I tried it again, same result.  TYPE A IS MAGIC IN A BOTTLE!  This is the best deodorant I've used in my entire life.  Thank you for changing my underarm game forever!!! - Justin

November: Goes on smoothly

This is the best natural deoderant I have ever used. Plus it glides and feels like ordinary deoderant. Fresh feeling lasts all day and no white marks on my shirts. Great product." - Jill

December: Long-lasting

"It legitimately lives up to the claims and keeps me fresh all day.... literally ALL DAY. Yes, that means through my job AND a sweaty HIIT workout. So just buy it already and stop being smelly." - Carly

January: Keeps you feeling fresh

"I committed to finding a natural deodorant last year and after MANY failed attempts, I had almost given up. Decided to try type:A and Eureka!! It works for me. I not only stay dry all day, but smell good and fresh too. Thank you for making a healthy alternative that not only works but makes me feel great that I am taking care of myself by refusing to "submit the pits" to chemicals. :) I'm a loyal customer and fan." - Jennifer

February: All about the service

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to try it for themselves as the customer service is above and beyond impeccable - they want you to love their product." - Karen

March: Did we already say - it actually works!

"I cannot tell you how many different types of all natural deodorants I have tried that did not work...at least 20, this is the only one that works! This product is amazing!! I recommend this to everyone, as a safe, cruelty-free, deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS!! Thank you soo much for creating this product!!!" - Ashley

Thank YOU

It all started with a dream for a game-changing deo. After many, many moons of testing, tweaking and re-testing (always over-achieving), Type:A was born on April 2nd, 2018.

I’ve often joked that, if Type:A didn’t catch on, at least I’d have a lifetime supply of the best deodorant for women on my hands. But thankfully, it did, and the response has been truly overwhelming! It’s been amazing to see tens of thousands of women, men and yes, even some finicky tweens make the safer choice and switch to a non-toxic deodorant.

But, like we said before, we couldn’t do it all this amazing work without having the most amazing customers. So we’d like to give a big, no HUGE, shout out to the best customers we could ever ask for. You’ve been there for us from day 1, when the first tube came off the production line, stuck with us when we stocked out of our new scents, and shared the Type:A love with your friends. Thank YOU for a 5-star year! And, stay tuned, because we’re just getting started…

Curious as to what all these customers are raving about? Hop on over to our store and check it out.