Keep Calm And Keep Those Hands Clean With Our New Hand Sanitizer

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By now, we are all very aware of how important it is to wash your hands in preventing the spread of germs. When you’re home, hand washing is (of course) the best way to keep your hands clean.  But sometimes you don’t have 20 to 40 seconds available for a good hand scrubbing, or a sink is nowhere to be found, and then what? The good news is there are a few ways to keep your hands germ free, so let’s break them down here.

Hand soap: This tried and true method is the most effective way to keep your hands clean, but it only works if you have a sink and soap nearby (at home, in a public restroom, you get it). To make sure you get all the grime off your hands, start by working the soap into a big lather and count to twenty/sing happy birthday/recite the alphabet twice. Make sure to work that lather all over your palms, the back of your hands, between your fingers and the tips of your fingers/fingernails.

Gloves: Gloves are a mixed bag – for some they provide a false sense of security and others, like myself, they are a good reminder not to touch your face. If you’re heading to the grocery store and plan on touching many different items, including a touchpad, then gloves might be the way to go. Just make sure not to touch your face (or phone) while wearing the gloves and remove them as soon as you’ve left the store to prevent the aforementioned face touching. Who knew NOT touching your face could be so hard?

Hand sanitizer: The perfect way to keep your hands clean on the go. But how does one get their hands (pun intended) on this much-needed item these days? Weeks before the pandemic started, grocery and drugstore shelves were wiped clean of hand sanitizer. The good news is, you don’t have to look much further...

When the pandemic struck, we were overwhelmed with how quickly and dramatically our lives changed and we wanted to do  our part to help out. So we leveraged our expertise in making personal care products to produce something that people really needed right now (sure, it might be ok to stink when you’re staying at home alone, but germ-free hands are not optional).

Bottles were scarce. Alcohol non-existent. Factories working at low capacity to maintain safety measures. But we were able to work with our network of fantastic partners to source the germ-fighting alcohol - and voila, The Protector hydrating hand sanitizer was born!

The Protector is formulated with antioxidant-packed aloe vera and hydrating glycerin to moisturize and protect your hands from bacteria, germs and the dryness you find with some other hand sanitizers. It’s lightweight and goes on smoothly, just like our deo, leaving your skin feeling silky soft. So next time you’re out and about grabbing essentials, throw The Protector in your bag for on the go hand cleaning, and remember – never touch your face.

Keep your hands clean (and your sanity!) with our new hydrating hand sanitizer.