Deodorant Wipes: The Portable Product You Never Knew You Needed (Until Now!)

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From Amazon Prime to meal-prepping, we’re all about adding convenience to every aspect of our busy lives. And we’ll be the first to admit, as much as we love our aluminum-free deodorant, sometimes we want something a little slimmer, a little easier to grab-and-go, and something we can throw away when we’re donewith it.

Enter: deodorant wipes. This humble product is a convenience all-star - it tucks away in our various bags, purses, desk drawers and even our back pockets at all times, ready to save the day at a moment’s notice.

Not convinced yet? Here are three scenarios where you too might find a deodorant wipe coming to your rescue.

When you walk, bike, or run to work

If you get your daily steps or exercise in via your commute, deodorant wipes are the perfect thing to keep stashed at your desk (or in your laptop bag) for those days where you forgot to apply your favorite sweat-activated deodorant in the morning.

Chances are you don’t have enough time to do a full shower and clothing change during the precious few minutes between stashing your bike, or swapping out your sneakers, and officially sitting down at your desk. Suddenly, you realize that you ran out of the house without applying deodorant (oh no!). And there’s no way you want to be caught smelling a little ripe if your boss walks up behind you unexpectedly to discuss the week’s analytics.

Your solution: a quick wipe-down with a deodorant wipe. It will help you refresh your underarms (while warding off any rude comments from co-workers), leaves an invisible layer of deodorant to keep you protected from odor, and you’ll feel absolutely no guilt knowing that the wipe is biodegradable when composted. Even better, deodorant wipes are completely safe to use on your chest, back, arms, and legs, too, so you can tackle the areas you know are most prone to a little sweat.

And bonus: deodorant wipes instantly cool and refresh your skin, so your body cools down faster and stops sweating sooner. No more going into that 9 a.m. meeting with beads of sweat still dripping down your back — you’re smarter than that.

When you’ve got post-work plans, and you need a little pick-me-up

Whether you’re going to happy hour, a movie screening, or just hanging at a friend’s place, most of us could use a little refresher after a long work day (especially if you commute via public transit — no one wants that lingering subway grime). Deodorant wipes are the Goldilocks of personal hygiene products here: not too much, not too little, but juuuust right.

Duck in the bathroom on your way out of the office for a quick dab of the deodorant wipe under your arms or at the nape of your neck. Feeling fancy? Pair with a fresh spritz of your favorite scent, and you’re instantly rejuvenated and ready for whatever your night holds. With the right mindset, you might even view this quick practice as a self-care ritual, signaling to your brain that the work day is over and you’re cleansing your body of that part of the day’s energy.

Plus, deodorant wipes are small and easy to slip in your work bag, so your bagstays light and portable (your shoulders will thank you).

When you have a quick overnight stay away from home

Staycation in your favorite hotel, adult sleepover with your best friend, or an unexpected stay at your partner’s place — these are all times when you might not want your full toiletry kit in your bag, but you still need a fresh scent to start your morning. If you've got a deodorant wipe on hand, maybe slipped into your back pocket from the day before, you'll easily be able to cleanse and deodorize before going about your day.

The most innovative way to freshen up on-the-go

We’ve heard your comments about how you need non-toxic deodorant that fits your always moving, on-the-go lifestyle (and TBH, we need that too!). Our new alcohol- and aluminum-free deodorant wipes are just the latest way for you to stay fresh in any situation, whether you’re about to present at the big quarterly meeting or walk up to the bar for that blind date. Not only do you get the crisp, clean refresh you need, but you also enjoy the convenience of individually-wrapped biodegradable wipes for less of an environmental impact. What could be better, right?

Now, the only question that remains is whether you’ll put them in your desk, your gym bag, or your glove compartment—or all three. ;)

Grab a pack of our new deodorant wipes and stay fresh wherever, whenever you want.


Written by Kristen Geil