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Mission Possible: Bringing Clean Beauty to the Mainstream

by Allison Moss May 31, 2018

type:A aluminum-free deodorant launch at Credo

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We’re here to raise the bar on ‘natural’ personal care products. These products are nothing new – they’ve been around ever since people realized that the ingredients they put on their skin are as important as the ingredients they put in their mouth. And with that realization, people quickly started sacrificing product performance for safety. Personal care became a game of “Would you rather?” (Would you rather use harsh chemicals or wrinkle? Would you rather use aluminum or smell bad? You get it.) That’s when we decided…we’d rather have it all.

Enter type:A. Our mission is to help people lead healthier lives without sacrifice and to help bring clean beauty to the mainstream by creating safe, high-performance products.

What is Clean Beauty?

When natural beauty products first came on the scene, brands started calling everything ‘natural’ and using buzzwords like “eco” and “pure”. Unfortunately, all of these terms are misleading because, let’s face it, not everything ‘natural’ is safe. And, on the flip side, not every synthetic ingredient is harmful. The movement towards clean beauty embraces these two points and is all about being mindful of what you’re putting on your body, prioritizing product safety over source.

Clean beauty brands aim to be transparent about what goes into their formulations so consumers can make educated decisions about the products they use. For us, transparency is everything. That’s why we’ve committed to sharing the nitty gritty on each of the ingredients we use in our products. By the way, this includes every ingredient used to create our leafy citrus scent. On our Ingredients 101 page you’ll find the purpose of each ingredient, the selection process and which ingredients we will never use in our products (parabens and phthalates for starters).

Our Approach

The rules governing the safety of personal care products are so lax that they do very little to protect consumers (unfortunately) so, like our fellow clean beauty brands, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create our own rules. We call this our Safer Science Protocol. We set a strict ingredient standard for what we will and won’t use, and then we thoroughly screen and test each ingredient and the entire formula for safety.

type:A deodorant Safer Science Protocol approach to clean beauty

Every ingredient in our products serves a purpose. When we set out to develop our aluminum-free deodorant, we tested and re-tested the formula, eliminating any ingredients that weren’t necessary, until we landed on a deodorant that met our high-performance standards and cleared all our safety hurdles. Our breakthrough formula is carefully crafted with 100% natural active ingredients... plus it's sweat-activated, for long-lasting odor and wetness protection.

Our Story Continues…

We officially launched type:A deodorant in late March and we’re thrilled to have already helped thousands of people find a safe deodorant that actually works. And, even more exciting, last week we announced our exclusive nationwide launch with Credo, a game-changing clean beauty retailer. Just like type:A, the Credo team obsesses over every single ingredient that goes into the products they carry and holds their products to the highest safety standards in the industry.

We’ll have more exciting news in the coming months and we hope you’ll join us on our mission to save the world, one product at a time.

Stop by for type:A updates, tips on leading a healthier life without sacrifice, or just to say hi!

Allison Moss
Allison Moss


Allison Moss is currently the Founder & CEO of type:A Brands. Under her leadership, type:A is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives without sacrifice and to help bring clean beauty to the mainstream. Allison has 18 years of marketing and management experience in consumer products and eCommerce, and an MBA from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

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