The 10 Best At Home Workout Resources Right Now

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Living an active lifestyle has always been important here at Type:A. However, that’s become a little harder for all of us as as we settle into our “new normal” - working from home, unable to go to our favorite fitness classes, and facing a world of uncertainty. So now, more than ever, staying active is so important for both our body and our mind.

We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite at home workout resources for you so you can get up, move your body, and stay strong from your living room.

 1. Barry’s Bootcamp

 - Type of Workout: Strength and Cardio
 - Join their livestream workout every day on IGTV at 9am and 12pm PST. Check out the schedule of classes and trainers here!

2. 305 Fitness

 - Type of Workout: Dance Cardio
 - Dance it out with 305Live on YouTube every day at 12pm and 6pm EST! Subscribe to their channel here.

3. ClassPass

 - Type of Workout: Everything
 - Stream a variety of classes for free on their website and on the ClassPass app, no membership required.

4. POPSUGAR Fitness

 - Type of Workout: Everything
 - The POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel has a variety of classes for all fitness levels. Plus, you can access more workouts on the POPSUGAR App! There’s normally a fee but your subscription is free for a limited time.

5. DailyBurn

 - Type of Workout: Everything
 - DailyBurn’s free 60-day trial gives you access to thousands of at-home workouts for every fitness goal. Sign up on their website.

6. CorePower Yoga

 - Type of Workout: Yoga, Yoga Sculpt
 - Free classes online with new videos every week on their website. Get access to their full video archive for just $20 a month.

7. Tone It Up

 - Type of Workout: Toning and Strength
 - New users can get free access to their app with toning moves and daily live workouts for a month. Offer is valid until 4/22, check out the details on their website!

8. OnePeloton App

 - Type of Workout: Everything
 - Get access to thousands of yoga, strength, and more workout videos free for 90 days, no credit card required. Download the OnePeloton app to get started.

9. OrangeTheory At Home

 - Type of Workout: Strength and Cardio
 - You can try OrangeTheory at Home with their free 30 minute workouts on YouTube.

10. Type:A IGTV!

We’ll have a mix of barre, yoga, circuit training, and more coming to our IGTV Channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We can’t wait to "Stay Strong & Stay Sane" with you!

Staying home is important for your physical health, but it doesn't mean you have to lose your muscle tone (and your mind). Most of these workouts range from 10 to 30 minutes long, so try to carve out some time for yourself during the day and get that body moving!

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