The Fight Against Dry Winter Skin is Over

The Fight Against Dry Winter Skin is Over

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the search for the perfect hand cream during the winter. And by perfect, here’s what I mean: a hand cream that is rich enough to moisturize my dry, cracked skin, but also is non-greasy and absorbs quickly so I can get on with my life after application. Here are some key ingredients to look out for when choosing a treatment for dry winter hands.

Kukui Nut Oil is a well-kept ancient Hawaiian secret, and one of my favorite skincare essentials. It’s rare to find and when I do see it, I’m all in! Kukui is a natural moisturizer that contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that are crucial to healing cracked and damaged skin. 

Glycerin is a common, yet underrated, ingredient in skincare that works great in combination with Kukui Nut Oil. Glycerin works to improve the skin’s barrier function, preventing cracks and damage in the future.

Shea Butter is the secret to soft skin. It is intensely moisturizing and leaves skin feeling softer than ever. It also protects skin from free radicals!

Calendula Flower Extract possesses an amazing soothing ability. It is able to soothe irritated, damaged skin. 

Aloe vera, everyone’s favorite summer essential, has become a yearlong necessity. If you haven’t realized yet the magical properties of aloe vera -- where have you been! Aloe vera has some of the best healing and skin hydration properties found in nature. 

I have found just that in Type:A’s new Soothing Hand Cream. My newest winter essential, found in my purse, desk drawer, and my car, Type:A Soothing Hand Cream has changed the game. Without leaving a greasy residue like other lotions, this hand cream is rich enough in the perfect ingredients to heal my winter skin. If you’re like me and seem to lose the fight against the effects of a dry winter every year, the Type:A Soothing Hand Cream formula packs the restorative, soothing punch that your hands need.